The Unexposed Secret of the Promotions at Canadian Online Casinos

Increasing competition is forcing casinos to adopt new methods to retain customers and attract new ones. Various kinds of bonuses and exclusive promotions allow gamblers to get special opportunities. However, not all players are delighted with such gifts, moreover, some promotions cause the churn of users from the virtual institution.

Wager: The Most Controversial Feature of Bonuses

As you know, most bonuses cannot be withdrawn immediately. They need to be won back. The wagering requirements can be very tough:

  • It is incredibly difficult to wager a 100% bonus in conditions when you need to place bets in an amount fifty times the size of the deposit and bonus. It is even more difficult to do this if the rules restrict bonus wagering to certain games with a high house edge.
  • Quite often there is a rule according to which, after receiving the bonus, you can withdraw money from the casino only after you place bets in an amount that exceeds the total amount of the deposit and bonus several tens of times.

Think about whether you need such a bonus, because as long as you make a sufficient number of bets, you may well lose all the money.

Additional Restrictions

The requirements of the promotional offer may have other nuances that cannot be ignored:

  • Range of bets. Maximum limits are almost always in effect. They cannot be exceeded when wagering bonuses.
  • Selection of games. Models with the maximum RTP have traditionally been excluded from the list of games where wagering requirements can be met.
  • Short term of validity. Most casino bonuses have a limited expiration date. They need to be played within a certain time. It can be a month, a week, a day, or even just one hour.
  • Hard choice. Sometimes an online casino arranges several promotions at once but allows accepting only one offer. For example, you can be offered different first deposit bonuses for playing slots or blackjack. Taking advantage of one of them, you will automatically refuse the other.

A Few Tips

Follow our recommendations:

  • There is no point in participating in the promotion if you cannot manage to fulfill the conditions within the allotted period. 
  • If you are not satisfied with any point of the promotion rules, do not take the bonus.
  • Don’t rush to activate bonuses since you can receive better offers at other times of the year.

If the promotion doesn’t have strict conditions for the game, then everyone will benefit from such offers. The casino, of course, has more advantages, because it knows all the pitfalls. Players should rely on their assessment of the prospects of a particular offer, as well as their capabilities, when the bonus, for example, needs to be wagered.

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